No 88 (2017)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Letter from the President PDF HTML
Fritz Kessler 3-5

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Accessible Web Maps for Visually Impaired Users: Recommendations and Example Solutions PDF HTML
Sabine Hennig, Fritz Zobl, Wolfgang W. Wasserburger 6-27

Practical Cartographer's Corner

Indexing the Jacaranda Atlas PDF HTML
Craig Molyneux 28-33

Visual Fields

A Walk in the Park: Perceptions of Place through Mapping PDF HTML
Joanna Gardener 34-38


Review of Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interpretation, 8th Edition PDF HTML
Daniel Gerard Cole 39-42
Review of Hitler’s Geographies: The Spatialities of the Third Reich PDF HTML
Aimée C. Quinn 42-44
Review of Deadly River: Cholera and Cover-up In Post-Earthquake Haiti PDF HTML
Tom Koch 44-48
Review of Cartophilia: Maps and the Search for Identity in the French-German Borderland PDF HTML
Leslie Wagner 48-50


Instructions to Authors PDF
Instructions to Authors 51-52

ISSN: 1048-9053