Visualizing Uncertain Information

  • Alan M. MacEachren Pennsylvania State University
Keywords: uncertainty, visualization, information


When a GIS is used to drive map-based visualization, exploration of potential relationships takes precedence over presentation of facts. In these early stages of scientific analysis or policy formulation, providing a way for analysts to assess uncertainty in the data they are exploring is critical to the perspectives they form and the approaches they decide to pursue. As a basis from which to develop methods for visualizing uncertain information, this paper addresses the difference between data quality and uncertainty, the application of Berlin's graphic variables to the representation of uncertainty, conceptual models of spatial uncertainty as they relate to kinds of cartographic symbolization, and categories of user interfaces suited to presenting data and uncertainty about that data. Also touched on is the issue of how we might evaluate our attempts to depict uncertain information on maps.
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MacEachren, A. M. (1992). Visualizing Uncertain Information. Cartographic Perspectives, (13), 10-19.
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