Cartographic Perspectives: Announcements 2023-01-05T04:45:39-08:00 Open Journal Systems <p><em>Cartographic Perspectives</em> (<em>CP</em>) is the <strong>platinum</strong> <strong>open access</strong> journal of the North American Cartographic Information Society (<a href="">NACIS</a>) and is devoted to the study and practice of Cartography in all of its diversity. <em>CP</em> is published three times a year and includes peer-reviewed research on Cartography and Geovisualization (broadly defined), technical notes and tutorials on new methods, articles on library collections, reviews of books and atlases, and novel maps. All submitted articles are reviewed and returned to authors within <strong>6-8 weeks</strong>. In the past three years, <em>CP </em>has an average rejection rate of 65%. All graphics included in accepted articles are published in full color, at no cost to authors.</p> <p>We are pleased to announce the <strong>2023 </strong><strong>student paper competition </strong>with a<strong> $1350 </strong>prize for the winning entry. Any peer-reviewed manuscript accepted for publication in <em>CP </em>whose first author is a student is automatically eligible.</p> <p>Contributing to <em>CP</em>? Simply <a href="">login</a> or <a href="">register</a> if you are a new visitor. Once logged in, select the "New Submission" tab under your User Home page, upload your manuscript when prompted, and enter the required metadata. It's that easy!</p> <p>Please direct any questions to: Jim Thatcher, Editor | jethatch at uw dot edu.</p> Issue 100 released! 2023-01-05T04:45:39-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2023-01-05T04:45:39-08:00 Issue #97 released! 2021-12-16T09:57:16-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2021-12-16T09:57:16-08:00 Issue #96 released! 2020-12-30T04:17:48-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2020-12-30T04:17:48-08:00 Issue #94 released! 2020-05-01T07:05:06-07:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2020-05-01T07:05:06-07:00 Issue #91 Released! 2019-06-18T06:44:37-07:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2019-06-18T06:44:37-07:00 Issue #90 Released! 2018-10-01T09:42:42-07:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2018-10-01T09:42:42-07:00 Issue #88 Released! 2018-05-08T06:33:25-07:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2018-05-08T06:33:25-07:00 Issue #87 Released 2017-12-20T15:16:51-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2017-12-20T15:16:51-08:00 Issue #86 Released 2017-12-20T15:15:53-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2017-12-20T15:15:53-08:00 Issue #85 Released 2017-12-20T15:15:01-08:00 Cartographic Perspectives 2017-12-20T15:15:01-08:00