No 73 (2012)

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Front Matter

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Letter from the Guest Editors HTML PDF
Aileen Buckley, Bernhard Jenny 3-12
Cartographic Design and Aesthetics “FAQ” HTML PDF
Alexander J Kent, Kenneth Field, Bernhard Jenny, Anja Hopfstock 13-16
Function and Beauty (In Defense of Useless Maps) HTML PDF
Nat Case 17-22
A Lay Mapmaker’s Perspective on the Dilemma of Cartographic Design HTML PDF
Johannes Moenius 23-30
The Impotence of Maps, or Deconstructing the Deconstruction of their Construction HTML PDF
daan Strebe 31-36

Featured Articles

From a Dry Statement of Facts to a Thing of Beauty: Understanding Aesthetics in the Mapping and Counter-Mapping of Place HTML PDF
Alexander J. Kent 37-60
Expressive Map Design Based on Pop Art: Revisit of Semiology of Graphics? HTML PDF
Sidonie Christophe, Charlotte Hoarau 61-74
A Disquisition on Cartographic Style and Taste: with Attendant Remarks upon Aesthetics, Clarity, Design, and Mapicity HTML PDF
Mark Denil 75-88
Undergraduate Geography Students Define Aesthetic Maps HTML PDF
Sven Fuhrmann 89-92
The Aesthetic of Maps: Considerations on their Mutable Functions HTML PDF
Anne Cristyne Pereira, Flávio Anthero Nunes Vianna dos Santos 93-96

Visual Fields

The Hand-Drawn Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Map with Sights HTML PDF
Stephan Angsüsser 97-102
The Beauty of Clear Communication HTML PDF
David Imus, Paula Loftin 103-106


ICA Commission on Map Design HTML PDF
Ken Field 107-110
Author Instructions PDF
Author Instructions 111-112

ISSN: 1048-9053