No 89 (2018)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Letter from the Editor PDF HTML
Amy L. Griffin 3-4

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Integrating Cartographic Knowledge Within a Geoportal: Interactions and Feedback in the User Interface PDF HTML
Nadia H. Panchaud, Lorenz Hurni 5-24
The Status of Web Mapping in North American Higher Education PDF HTML
Carl M Sack 25-43

Practical Cartographer's Corner

How we Made “The Melting of Antarctica” PDF HTML
Lauren Tierney 44-52

Visual Fields

Mapping the Otherworld PDF HTML
Zachary Bodenner 53-57


Review of Atlas Obscura PDF HTML
Robert Hickey 58-59
Review of Making Spatial Decisions Using ArcGIS Pro: A Workbook PDF HTML
Amanda Tickner 59-60
Review of Treasures from the Map Room PDF HTML
Marcy Bidney 60-61
Review of GIS Tutorial 1 for ArcGIS Pro PDF HTML
Tom Koch 61-65


Instructions to Authors PDF
Instructions to Authors 66-67

ISSN: 1048-9053