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No. 95 (2020)
Published: 2020-07-20

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  • Robert E. Roth, Chelsea Nestel, Tanya Buckingham Andersen, Joseph App, Monica Cloutier, Chenxiao Guo, Alicia Iverson, Melanie Kohls, Jackson Lodermeier, Athena McKindsey, Ellie Milligan, Pete Nielsen, Catherine Palm, Emily Pettit, Megan Roessler, Nick Underwood, Genevieve Vahl
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CP Student Peer-Reviewed Paper Competition:
Students can win an award of $1350 by contributing peer-reviewed articles to Cartographic Perspectives (CP).
Any peer-reviewed manuscript accepted for publication in the calendar year whose first author is a student is automatically entered into the Student Peer-Reviewed Paper Competition, which is judged annually by a panel composed from the Editorial Board of CP. Find out more about the competition and past winners in CP 86.