Madison and Vicinity: A Tangible Map Quilt

  • Robert E. Roth UW-Madison
  • Chelsea Nestel
  • Tanya Buckingham Andersen
  • Joseph App
  • Monica Cloutier
  • Chenxiao Guo
  • Alicia Iverson
  • Melanie Kohls
  • Jackson Lodermeier
  • Athena McKindsey
  • Ellie Milligan
  • Pete Nielsen
  • Catherine Palm
  • Emily Pettit
  • Megan Roessler
  • Nick Underwood
  • Genevieve Vahl
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Roth, R. E., Nestel, C., Andersen, T. B., App, J., Cloutier, M., Guo, C., Iverson, A., Kohls, M., Lodermeier, J., McKindsey, A., Milligan, E., Nielsen, P., Palm, C., Pettit, E., Roessler, M., Underwood, N., & Vahl, G. (2020). Madison and Vicinity: A Tangible Map Quilt. Cartographic Perspectives, (95), 50-56.
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