Frank H. Galbraith’s Railway Mail Service Maps, 1897

  • Virginia W. Mason


Frank H. Galbraith, a clerk with the Railway Mail Service, developed railway maps in the late 1800s to assist railway mail clerks in learning complex railway mail distribution networks for civil service examinations. Galbraith’s maps were based on the premise of associating a picture with words in order to create strong first impressions and retain spatial relationships in memory. These maps are highly pictorial in nature and represent the cultural and regional influences in the choice of pictorial images drawn. This paper discusses the political influences that were the impetus for developing Galbraith’s maps, the cultural and regional contexts inherent in the maps, and the effectiveness of the maps as mnemonic devices for their intended use.
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Mason, V. W. (2002). Frank H. Galbraith’s Railway Mail Service Maps, 1897. Cartographic Perspectives, (41), 24-43.
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