Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary


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psychogeography, art, technology, political mapping, social mapping, public space, urbanism, performance, counter-authorship, cooking


A map is more than a picture, but what are artists doing about it? “Mapping” has exploded as an artistic practice. Artists are making geographic maps, psychogeographic maps, sound maps, demographic maps, data-driven maps, and emotional maps. Artists are performing maps—enacting and documenting location like never before. With the advent of new media art, GIS and mobile technologies, the concern with data collection and mapping through locative media is pursued with both romance and criticality. This article presents a dictionary of terms and projects that demonstrate the variety and complexity of these map-art practices. These projects utilize the map in a political and social dimension to produce new configurations of space, subjectivity and power. Their methodology is based on an ethics of experimentation; the map is a tool to experiment with a particular territory in specific ways in order to reach unforeseen destinations.




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kanarinka, F. A. (2006). Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary. Cartographic Perspectives, (53), 24–40.



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